Try this design out on a unframed chalkboard!

7 Alternative Christmas Trees by Jen Stanbrook

Planning a wedding on a budget? With these purse-friendly picks, it can be done...

How to plan a wedding for less than 10K

Holly and Daniel’s vintage tea party with a hint of Alice in Wonderland, by Belinda McCarthy Photography

I love this chic and quirky kitchen with the blackboard, chalkboard writing

A chalkboard wall in your kitchen is a great place to write your grocery list or to share what is on the menu for dinner that night! I want a chalk board wall. Not sure where though.

Backyard Chalkboard--less mess and the rain washes it away! such a great idea!

Backyard Chalkboard - paint and mount an outdoor chalkboard on a boundary fence for a great activity for children. Less mess + the rain washes it away! Add some simple wooden shapes in a bucket so kids can trace around them & create masterpieces.

Teacher's Pet – Ideas & Inspiration for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) | Chalk Table

things to do with an ikea table - paint with chalkboard paint, cut hole, insert chalk bin, have fun - future playroom idea

all in one organizer! - i am making one of these when we get a house

More random stuff I don’t need but kinda want… (35 photos)

Chalkboard Mail Organizer Large wall mounted pockets with key hooks. via Etsy. Chalkboard Mail Organizer Large wall mounted pockets with key hooks. via Etsy.

DIY magnetic spice storage: Blackboard contact paper and chalk markers!

DIY magnetic spice storage by small bird. Containers deep) Magnets Chalkboard contact paper Chalkboard pen (fine tip)

Scandinavian interiors are a balance of functionality and aesthetics. There isn’t just one Scandinavian style, but there are certain elements that are well-recognised as typically Scandi. We’ve listed some of the well-known components of a Scandinavian interior, but of course there are many ways to incorporate your own style and personality with this decor.

77 Gorgeous Examples of Scandinavian Interior Design

Being a neutral, black is never not in style, but it's sure enjoying a moment in the spotlight right now—especially in its subtle matte form. One place in particular that we're seeing a lot of matte black is in the kitchen.

Vosgesparis: Faded colors and black board walls

Faded colors and black board walls