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David Carson Tribute Poster

David Carson - for a typography based project, he is a perfect artist to study. A good way to get pupils to experiment with type is to copy it onto acetate, this allows for easy layering and experimentation without the use of a computer.

It's okay to get something permanently etched into your skin just because it's pretty and you like it.

Someone gave deep philosophical meaning to the lack of deep, philosophical meaning.

Neville Brody is an typographer, his design usually combine the words to become a illustration, like this design. It's very impressive that use typography to illustrate a portrait. The gorgeous part is the usage of color and light is very nature, which makes the portrait very realistic. Also every piece of word is different to another that can identify by the fonts usage and size, which means every word is unique on the design and specifically released on the portrait.

28 Excellent Examples Of Typography Portraits

Image Source: Radiohead website The fabulous campaign for the Grammy Awards features these portraits made from type. As I love good t.

Chris Ofili, Afrodizzia

Chris Ofili - Afrodizzia - I like the colours because there is a lot going…

Inner Thoughts Statue Memphis Collage 1, statue, memphis, design, graphic, collage, color, colour, memphismilano, Society6, memphisdesign, postmodern, 80s, 90s, classical, thoughts, socrates, grid, classical, geometric, geo, modern, rapsquatInner Thoughts Statue Memphis Collage 1 Art Print

"Thoughtless" Inner Thoughts Statue Memphis Collage 1 Art Print

Paula Scher poster: Savion Glover, Bring in Da Noise Bring in Da Funk

Paula Scher on Combinatorial Creativity

Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk, Public Theater, New York. Designed by Paula Scher/Pentagram, 1995