Learn how to potato print your own Christmas wrapping paper with Nick Morley aka Linocutboy in his Guardian article.

With peak present season upon us, here are 12 of our favorite tips for turning regular-ol' wrapping jobs into Martha-level masterpieces.

Sweet Potato Printing: Christine Schmidt, the author of Print Workshop, demonstrates how to print your own picnic blanket and napkins using potatoes.

How to print with potatoes

ASSOCIATED PRESS A potato stamp design which appears in the book "Print Workshop: Hand-printing Techniques & Truly Original Projects," by Christine Schmidt, is shown. Schmidt shares many of her trade secrets in "Print Workshop.

DIY Potato Prints + Gift Wrap (via Bloglovin.com )

DIY Potato Prints + Gift Wrap (Design*Sponge)

my scandinavian home: Monday DIY - the simplest, cutest idea ever.

Monday DIY - the simplest, cutest idea ever.

potato stamps

Potato stamps - awesome for when they're no longer delicious

christmas card potato print    Google Image Result for http://i.thisis.co.uk/2285/binaries/Julia%2520Burns%25204.jpg

A delightful collage of a winter robin - so heart-warming!

Printing Wheel made with a potato and a straw. Just dip and roll/twist...

Project from Jodi Kahn: Potato Wheel Wrapping Paper: A new way to make a potato stamp, and create your own holiday gift wrap. I've never seen a potato stamp done this way - very clever.

Textile Painting using a potato stamp. DIY from Lovely Life.

Poppytalk: 9 Rad DIYs for Spring Break! - Textile Painting A simple project with big effects using a potato stamp. From Lovely Life.