Train a Golden Pathos vine indoors with small hooks and fishing line for support

Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Aureum’) vine -- Our young plant that has begun to vine out

pothos curtain - Bing Images

Love the plant "curtains"!How Mohammed Kutbi, an architect in Milan, implements plants in a minimal dwelling space & window view.

training a large pothos into a pyramid--maybe use a garden tuteur?

According to Feng Sui practices, the Golden Pothos and the Areca Palm are popular plants for purifying the energy around you at work or home

ANNO par Fréderic Malphettes

ANNO par Fréderic Malphettes

grow-indoor-plants-in-glass-bottles-apieceofrainbow (3) - begonia, spider plant, wandering jew, pothos, sweet potato vine, coleus

Grow Beautiful Indoor Plants In Glass Bottles

Ditch The Fake Houseplants! Need to Green Up Your Living Space? Here Are Some Easy-to-Care-For Indoor Plants

The Perfect Houseplant for People Who Kill Houseplants If you can fill a jar with water, you can keep golden pothos vine happy — and it will pay you back with cleaner air and a greener home

Golden Pothos Vine (Epipremnum pinnatum): LOW LIGHT

Try This Easy-to-Grow Houseplant

The 7 Best Houseplants for Low Light Conditions: Golden Pothos Vine - I think this would be perfect for the den.

Try This Easy-to-Grow Houseplant - Golden Pothos Vine

Try This Easy-to-Grow Houseplant

Faux Pothos Vine in Clay Pot

Faux Pothos Vine in Clay Pot