Farmhouse Kitchen Collection #pbkids//we already ordered a kidcraft kitchen, but isn't this so cute?!

Farmhouse Fridge

Pottery Barn Kids' playroom furniture is built to last and expertly crafted. Find play kitchens and kitchen sets and create a space perfect for kids.

Wooden Shopping Cart #pbkids

Wooden Shopping Cart

Kids Wooden Shopping Cart - Pottery Barn has a fantastic wooden pantry set, cooking set, and pieced wooden food that can be "chopped up".

Pottery Barn DIY Rushed Duvet Cover Tutorial

A Cozy Cup of Tea: Pottery Barn Inspired Duvet Cover Tutorial . i think i coud do this

Little Inspirations: DIY Number Pillows

I make so many pillows i dont even consider it a craft anymore its jus what i do :) DIY Pottery Barn number pillows, drop cloth