Get rid of maths line. Bulletin board, growth mindset, yet

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Just put lava with that and it would be an Extreme Tornado!

Weather pictures of the year 2011: lightning, auroras, snow and ice

Totaly Outdoors: Lightning Blasting Down upon fumes of Volcanic Ash

photographer chloe sheppard and the power of the female gaze | read | i-D

BEACH MUSIC Images shot using clothing supplied by Jemporium Vintage in Cambridge.

The Craft . Going to be seeing this @ Halloween Forever Cemetery ..90's…

The Craft - Robin Tunney as Sarah Bailey, Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs, Rachel True as Rochelle, and Neve Campbell as Bonnie, directed by Andrew Fleming

Girls in oversized clothes showing their jeans, Manchester 1990s

Theme of the Week #5 Madchester – Rave On!

Used to happen regularly - the power would just go out.  We used to watch through the windows for the lights on the dual carriageway on the other side of the playing fields coming back on - they always came on a second or two before everything else

Miners strike = not enough coal for the electricity power stations = 3 day working week to save the power = reduced income. Those long dark evenings playing cards by candlelight. Then, the bin men went on strike, then the gravediggers.

Currently travelling across USA by van, searching for Fruitopia, powered by plants. Sustainable living and travel blog/vlog posts coming soon!

Vanlifers Vanalog Vibes "Currently travelling across USA by van searching for Fruitopia powered by plants. Sustainable living travel and adventure posts." by vanlifers

She Rockers (London Rap/Dance Crew), Shepherd’s Bush Green, London, 1988

Staying Power: Photographs of Black British Experience - in pictures

Normski, 'She Rockers (London/Rap/Dance Crew) Shepherds Bush Green, London, Museum no. © Normski/ Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Tennant stars opposite Krysten Ritter as the title character in Jessica Jones

David Tennant on his transition from Time Lord to supervillain

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