Muah- Powergirl

Muah- Powergirl

Comics : Power girl / Cover ofWorld Finest 18   /

Comics : Power girl / Cover ofWorld Finest 18 /

Power Girl Costume Chronology by on @DeviantArt

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have Power Girl's costume chronology. This piece chronicles the various costumes this fan-favourite has worn over the year.

#ClippedOnIssuu from Harley Quinn #15

Harley Quinn #15

Harley Quinn Variant Cover featuring Powergirl & Atlee by Frank Cho colored by Laura Martin

"Fall Of The Hunter" •Ryan Sook

Power Girl & Huntress - World's Finest Cover by Ryan Sook

Harley ❤️❣️♠️

Harley Quinn Emerald City Comics Exclusive Variant by Amanda Conner *

Saving the day- Powergirl

Saving the day- Powergirl

Having gratuitous and unnecessary cleavage for a female comic superhero? Fail. Legitimizing that decision with some lame excuse and expecting your readers to buy it? Double fail. This is Power Girl, and a lot was made of her costume (or lack of it)- so this what the writers answered with, in storyline. There has also been some good Fan Art about her costume:

Well that explains it

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Power Girl

Cool Series of DC Comics Female Superhero Character Art - News - GeekTyrant (Power Girl)