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Basics of working out.

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Dear passengers and flight enthusiasts, my name is Joe and I live in Munich Germany. I´ve started my flying career in 2005 getting my Private Pilot License (PPL) in Austria. In 2006 I joined a private flying school near Düsseldorf for my Comercial and Airline Transport Pilot License (CPL and ATPL) and finished all my flight training at the age of 23. I hope my pictures and videos give you a nice view into the life as a pilot and how to become one.

Enjoy the beautiful German culture in pictures. All of the pictures below were taken by either my sister Dana Spaulding, my wife Claudia Spaulding or myself. If you would like to use any of these pictures for personal use be my guest.

Private Pilot Journal - The sun setting on my training

The Private Pilot Checkride – 37 Lessons to Reach the Dream

The Private Pilot Checkride – 37 Lessons to Reach the Dream

Used to have all of these. I trained myself to lose some. But some still stuck with me all these years.

I have social anxiety and it sucks, especially at christmas when i wanna go see lights but i can't without having a panic attack. plus no one wants to be with someone who has depression and anxiety.