Prayer for stress and anxiety                              …

Prayer for Stress and Anxiety - An inspirational quote that helps with stress as well as asks for help from God.

night prayer to cleanse and cut cords of negative energy

Cleansing Prayer New Moon Friday, August 2015 – Click Picture To Read Full Article.

A Prayer for myself

How to Keep a Happy Family with Prayer

Keeping relationships healthy, happy and full of life without resentment should be the goal for any marriage and parent-child bond. Achieve a happy family with prayer.

For more fitness motivation: In-Pursuit-of-FitnessFor healthy...

For more fitness motivation: In-Pursuit-of-FitnessFor healthy. Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.

The Self-Care Master Post: Ideas, Inspiration & More! | National Eating Disorders Association

Bad Beginning of a (Nice) Adventure – about Physical Education in Polish schools several years ago (and hopefully not now)