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Donkey meat burgers.

Donkey meat burgers.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - A nonprofit consumer education and advocacy project whose purpose is to advocate for consumers' privacy rights in public policy proceedings

It's Choose Privacy Week. Learn about protecting your personal information at the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

101 Handmade Gifts for various occasions and people including, weddings, men, Valentine's day, Christmas, etc.  I can't wait to try some of these out.

AMAZING website with TONS of 101 ideas such as 101 printables, 101 Easter Ideas, 101 Simple Homemade Gifts and lots more!

What a great idea for Open House, Back to School Night, Meet and Greets, etc...!

10 Free Learning Websites for Kids. My kids have gone on some of these and they are great learning sites! - Kiddos at Home

Zaner-Bloser Online Editor--use this to create name practice for kiddos who can't write their name at the beginning of the year by Rachelle Mansheim

Zaner-Bloser Online Editor-- Type word lists, word wall words, quotes, etc. Links to other types of online writing programs as well.