Part of feminism is eradicating the "princess pedestal," the stereotype that women are ethereal beings who can do no wrong. Feminism is recognizing that women are HUMAN, and being human means women can be just as cruel, violent, abusive etc. as men. Women cheat, physically + emotionally abuse, rape, murder.. These things can't be ignored simply because "but she's a girl!" Feminism means equality, even when it doesn't work in your favor

(Wish they could've spelled woman correctly), but yes, remember men can be victims and women can be predators. It exists.

100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life 19

100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life

100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life - Page 3 of 12 - BoomSumo Quotes

This picture was used for an anti-racism campaign. It illustrates how an animal that represent so many difference is still one of the most loved animals in the world. Pandas are animals known for their cuteness, rate of extinction and most importantly not having a predator i.e they move well with other animals. The phrase 'be like a panda' means there should be no discrimination between one another no matter how different we all are.

Everyone let's be like pandas and destroy racism peacefully with guns 😃

A very unlikely friendship…

A very unlikely friendship…

Who knew my dog liked lions? A very unlikely friendship // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

ACORNS, METAPHYSICAL CORRESPONDENCE, witch, alchemy, spells, magick, book of shadows, wicca, herbs, nature, meaning, symbolism.

Gathering acorns from the wild (public land) and feeding them to my pigs to fatten them up before slaughter. This way I get more lard.

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 33 Pics

Funny Donald Trump Pictures - Finally, a bumper sticker that says what i'm thinking.

inspirations graphics illustration Maxim Shkret | Predators

Predators: Illustrations by Maxim Shkret. Striking digital portraits of wild animals by Russian designer Maxim Shkret.

The question question scared me more as well .....actually pic didn't scare me much....but the question...

Claim your meme

I want a episode of doctor who explaining this phenomenon, kinda like the vasta nerada explaining the fear of the dark--- dude, supernatural

HAW Comp 17 - Spin me right round

HAW Comp 17 - Spin me right round Um does that mean. She courted with Xeldan? Or is that she offered peace?

Ганс Руди Гигер: Drawing for Sil Metamorphosis of Sil's Side

Hans Rüdi Giger: Drawing for Sil Metamorphosis of Sil's Side

Praying mantids can handle even the largest pests in the garden. You need a good eye to spot one, because their coloration and shape provide them with perfect camouflage among the garden plants. When the nymphs hatch, they're so hungry they sometimes eat their siblings. In fact, praying mantids are generalist predators, meaning they're just as likely to eat a helpful lady beetle as they are to catch a caterpillar.

10 Insects That Are Great for Your Garden

Beneficial insects prey on the pests gardeners detest, keeping insect populations in check. You should learn to recognize these top 10 beneficial insects in your garden.

when I say I'm a feminist it means I want 100% gender equality even if it doesn't always benefit me.

I completely support Gender Equality and not women over men! That's just rude and wrong to me!<<<This post is extremely true. Men and women are equal.