Mountaineer -- Modular Prefab Log Cabins | Zook Cabins about $114,000 including set up

The Mountaineer Cabin features an attractive steep roofline and expansive front porch. Discover why the Mountaineer Cabin is the log cabin of your dreams!

Prefab Log Homes

Modern prefab log homes are quality, affordable cabins built in an efficient, controlled environment.

Modular Log Homes | Prefab Log Cabins | Modular Log Cabin

Zook Cabins constructs beautiful prefabricated and modular cabins with customizable features. Discover more about these affordable log cabins today!

If You Love Log Homes and Don't Want to Spend a Ton of Money, Prefab Log Cabins Like This One Are Fantastic

Tex Products Introduces Certified Modular Log Homes to Their Log Cabin Line, and you may want to ord .