Drinking Buddies  Best friends... Jeremiah and Rexton

Drinking Buddies Onesie Funny Twins Baby Gifts Onesies Set Girls Boys Matching Twin Outfits shirt our children

Blue or pink what do you think? To share the news with family and friends here are The 11 Best Gender Reveal Ideas.

The 11 Best Gender Reveal Ideas

Big Sister Pregnancy Announcement - Best Friend Expected August 2016

Valentine's Day Big Sister Pregnancy Announcement

the princess and the frog / twin newborn

Popular Baby Names 2014: Best Predictions Based On Trends

Sister maternity pics!  Would be so great if I could get my 2 friends together for maternity pics! pretty amazing we are all 3 pregnant at the same time and all of us are due in July? What are the odds?!?

Sister maternity pics or friend maternity photo to be taken when you are both pregnant at the same time