Some basic information on contraception options plus the advantages and disadvantages with each option.

We worked with our pals at Greatist to make the ultimate guide to contraception infographic, complete with pros, cons, and costs for each.

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How to blend your own uterus strengthening tea to promote menstrual cycle health and to prepare for pregnancy.

These small plastic rods are implanted in women's arms for up to7 years. Prescription is required and can cost. Effective rate is than 1 pregnancy for every 100 women every year. Effectiveness has decreased with those women who are higher in weight. Safe for all women, however, bleeding and irregular menstruation can occur. Also, there is no STI protection.

12 Types of Birth Control

Lucy Knisley’s Implant Birth Control. I have this and I LOOOOVE it. She's absolutely correct about freaking people out with it, lol. It is seriously awesome!

10 Signs of Ovulation | Ovulation Calculator | Fertility Calculator & Accurate Predictions

12 Ovulation Symptoms To Help You Get Pregnant

10 Signs of Ovulation | Ovulation Calculator | Fertility Calculator & Accurate Predictions

I have the implant in my arm for this exact reason!!! Thank The Lord for contraceptives!!

Wish I had this when teaching Adult Roles. Infographic explaining major methods of contraception and how effective they are, including failure rates for both perfect use and typical use.

That's why you shouldn't put yourself into the situation to make the choice.

I ask this question all the time! If abortion isn't murder, why is it considered a double homicide when a pregnant woman is killed?

Trying to get pregnant. Let's see if this works :)

First Signs of Pregnancy - Early Symptoms of Your First Trimester

Pregnant with an IUD:

Pregnancy Shocker: This Woman Was NOT Expecting and...Oops!

There's more pregnancy talk in today's episode of FABLife, and this time, the focus is on intrauterine devices (IUDs)—a form of birth control that's.

Understanding the IUI Procedure

Learn more about the intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedure. Find out how IUI helps many couples get pregnant, especially when male or female infertility is a problem. Discover how your lifestyle habits may influence your chances for IUI success.

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More Mirena Complications

More Mirena Complications

Is Health Canada in Denial About the Mirena IUD Warnings? Last year Health Canada received reports of 52 uterine perforations involving the Mirena IUD.

Mirena IUD Birth Control Device Side Effect

So sad, cause I chose this for myself but I experienced major hair loss, anger/rage episodes and I only had it in for months. Since removal I've had anxiety, cyclic breast pain and pms issues including hormonal imbalance. it's been almost 3 years.

9 Things You Need to Know About IUDs  - Photo by: Shutterstock

9 Things You Need to Know About IUDs