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seersuckmeoff: :D argyleforlife: If you don’t know Eric Ambrose you probably should. I don’t want to just know of him I want to get to know him

Homochitto — seangaleburke:   Home is where someone runs to...

East coast prep is east coast prep and what's preppier than red shorts, blue (or blue striped) shirt, topsiders and a nice lab. Effortless style and comfort. A certain kind of summer uni.

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One outfit may be layered, try to avoid flashy patterns, patterns with dull colors under a solid are ok menswear, men's fashion and style

When your wristbands mach your button-down. #Preppy

onlythequintessential: “zachsweedler: “What I think are the keys to success: Under promise, over deliver, always. You have something to do, do it now. (DIN theory, don’t wait) Bring something new to.

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A lot of guys are hearing that Mary Jane gives people a "Good Time". They feed into these rumors and try to hook up with her. She is constantly getting phone calls to the home phone with boys requesting dates, hook ups. Even guys that have girlfriends.

Kiel James Patrick sweatshirt and rope sunglass straps

Sarah Vickers adventures in New England living, classic fashion, and travel.