Funniest Trump Transition Memes: My Next Job Interview

Funniest Trump Transition Memes

MP_Pres_Job_Description...i wonder where somes goes from when they have just served 4-8 yrs as president? i mean, what other jobs could they do? what would you put on your resume? haha

infographic infographic : President and Vice President Job Descriptions . Image Description infographic : President and Vice President Job Descriptions

Trump lied and said he would get 'THE BEST' people!!! It's like he's an idiot magnet!!! Look at these three!

Matthew Spencer Peterson couldn't answer any of the BASIC legal questions Kennedy asked him.

I remember learning this and being like "Ben Franklin knows what's up"

Ben Franklin knew Alexander Hamilton had presidential aspirations oh my gosh perfectly accurate

wow, that is INCREDIBLY insulting to teenagers to say they "only follow trends". That's just an excuse to invalidate their opinions and concerns for the well-being of themselves and their country, and is used against them constantly. You can say all you want that teenagers don't know anything, but one day they're going to be your doctor, lawyer, president, business owner, farmer, etc. Why do you have to be so disrespectful?

Teenagers hate Trump because they're not fucking stupid.

I'm actually pretty sure that's how you become president of Taiwan.

I'm actually pretty sure that's how you become president of Taiwan.

crewnex: “ worldfamousprofessor: “ the way this sentence is phrased makes it sound like the fact that he is the donkey kong high score record holder is what makes him eligible to be the president of.

Hmmmm. I actually hadn't give that much thought, but with those qualifications, hell yeah, Chelsea for Pres!!

Ivanka copies real fashion designers shoes & sells them as her own. She's not even qualified to be in the fucking building, let alone part of a white house staff or any political summit or meeting.

Actually, you were treated differently because you've always been a dishonest, self-entitled prick -- your color is irrelevant.

In a radio interview that aired Monday morning, Obama accused Trump of playing off the fears of white, working-class men to get a jump in the polls.