Travel ban imposed on Egypt's President Morsi, Brotherhood members -'s Morsi Toppled!! In this time of AGE, with the Internet and mass communication's, and ideological, religious and tyranous dictatorship's, forcing unpopular beliefs on people cannot make it or survive...I hope resident president Barack Obama gets the message...

Travel ban imposed on Egypt's President Morsi, Brotherhood members

Famine an issue as rainy season approaches. Rain will bring disease to the tightly huddled masses.

Cop who pepper-sprayed Occupy Wall Street protesters doesn’t have to talk to civilian board after NYPD ‘cancels at 11th hour for unspecified reasons’  - Daily News

Cop who pepper-sprayed OWS protesters doesn’t have to talk to civilian board

Florida mom brings daughter, to New York for Super Bowl prostitution and 'fetish stuff': cops - Daily News

Presidential Pay Math Lesson.  How does Obama's pay compare to past presidents?  How much should your students expect to be paid when they become president?  A-REI, F-IF.4

President’s Day began as a celebration of George Washington’s birthday. Today, it’s a chance for Americans to reconnect with the past and the great men of this

There were others, but now we know Nixon was more than a liar, he was a traitor! It would seem the legacy continues even today...

The Rachel Maddow Show on

Rachel Maddow: GOP war on women continues to rage in the states

Greeks angered by princes of parliament. According to Panagiotis Politis, president of the parliament workers' association, his salary has been cut by 50 percent, in line with cuts seen across Greece's pub  Politis said the assembly's workers would it block again.    He fears it could threaten the last uncut benefits - overtime payments worth up to 500 euros a month and a 60-salary retirement bonus that could amount to 150,000 euros or more for workers with 30 years experience. | Reuters

Greeks angered by "princes of parliament" pay fight

Slovakia reaches reverse gas flow deal with Ukraine

Donald Trump Net Worth: Why Is He Rejecting $400K President's Salary? -

The Internet is bombarded with hunts about Donald Trump net worth. President-elect Trump will not be accepting the presidential salary.

ExxonMobil is now the most profitable U.S. corporation. So, not only are fossil fuels disrupting our climate and harming the earth, they're creating huge profits for oil companies. Think about it!! For more see:

Exxon Mobil Corporation starts natural gas production in Damar field Malaysia 200 million cubic feet capacity