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Sometimes people pretend you're a bad person so they don't feel guilty about the things they did to you.

Kushandwizdom | It starts to hurt the most when you have to start pretending it doesn't.


So very true. The pretending is a struggle that is neverending. It takes so much strength to keep my guard up, to keep my feelings tucked inside so that no one sees the pain in my heart. You are always on my mind Kelly.

Sometimes all you can do is smile. Move on with your day, hold back the tears and pretend you're okay.

Pretend You Are Okay - Life Quote

i hope you find the happiness you've been pretending to have // this goes to all my friends

sometimes fake is the only way, sometimes reality gets us fed up with what we need to be, darling

The deepest pain i ever felt was denying my own feelings to make everyone else comfortable.

No need to ever deny your feelings or play small so others will be more comfortable.

she-wanted-to-tell-him-she-missed-him-but-she-didnt | by LiveLifeHappy1981

She wanted to tell him she missed him but she knew it wouldn't change anything so she kept pretending she didn't. - Unknown Tagged with: Heartache , Love , Relationship , Truth

I am into positive thinking. But that does not mean that I ignore the facts. If some serious shit is happening in my life I accept it and then deal with it. I have a choice I can say that life sucks or I can accept reality and say "it will be ok in the end" If you suffer too much anxiety like I used to. Then ignoring the facts will lead to more anxiety. cheers Paul Ianni

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For some its easier to face their life by ignoring the truth or facts of what is going on for its easier than admitting their lives are not perfect as they make them out to be