This is beautiful. I love how her hair is left loose until about half way down. (Less stress on the scalp from the weight as well.)

I think I'll start with a few dreads in the back and build up to whole head dreadlocks. Love the color of her hair!

Beautiful white chick w/ dread locs and nose ring hoop.

This updo takes dreads to a totally new level! Totally is inspiring me to dread my whole head!

(sister)  pretty dreads with lots of loose hair

pretty dreads with lots of loose that the whole head isn't all dreads

Love this size dreads!! I will have some day!!!! When I'm not chicken and just do it already haha

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pretty bun dreadlock hairstyles

pretty bun dreadlock hairstyles I'm going to have to add some longer ones in, just for the wedding

I need to learn how to do this style of faux locs… does anyone know any YouTube tutorials or can tell me how its done? I’d really appreciate it

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