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a 16 year old girl who is with the Tanks. She breaks the rules at times, but she's getting better. Katie is hella single, and looking.

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caitlin shared by @erinkrauth on We Heart It

caitlin shared by @erinkrauth on We Heart It

Maggie) I guess I'm a screw up.I did like u Shawn,but Dawn told me she liked u.I thought u wouldn't feel the same way for me.And Brent's family knows mine,so him and Cam are close.I didn't mean 2 make u sad,but I did like Brent 2. *tries not 2 cry and just goes 2 the bathroom then locks the door*

{Fc Maggie Lindemann} Hey I'm Sasha I'm 18 and I'm in the death clan. Dawn is my sister and I'm kinda just like her.