David and Hook bonding - This scene was hilarious. I love that Hook turned also and he wasn't holding anything. Lol

"It says turn counter-clockwise. Do you think they mean the beaker or do we have to turn?" - David and Killian ((Best.

#OnceUponATime. "Prince Charming" doesn't start off that way. Love changes us all for the better. <3

Once Upon A Time ships ❤ Snowing Rumbelle OutlawQueen CaptainSwan

A few facts about Disney's movie "Enchanted"

A few facts about Disney's movie "Enchanted".um, excuse me what about Paige O'Hara, Robbie Benson, & Judy Kuhn? They were in it too, as were the voices of Cinderella(or was it Aurora) and Snow White (in the masquerade scene)!

aidan turner smile - Google Search

Stop waiting for Prince Charming.Get up and find him. The poor idiot may be stuck in a tree or something.

My Prince Charming happened to be a Princess.  I LOVE everything about this. Just everything.

coituskid: “ deviantfemme: “ palaceofposey: “ The Queen and her Loyal Knight ” I want a picture exactly like this except where I’m a fat femme mermaid princess with a pair of handsome queer sailor.

What really came first? Prince Charming from Shrek or Jamie Lannister from GOT? Where is the portal?!

This gif shows that Jaime Lannister is actually the scheming Prince Charming from Shrek.<<< Thank you for pointing it out! hahah so glad someone thinks that too

This is me when I don't want someone too know something

Pinnochio, you clever bastard…

Pinnochio confusing Prince Charming -- Shrek 2 I love it lol

Riverdale #boys #disney

I knew Eric was my fav prince for a reason

Emma and Charming, no Emma I like women, just Emma, I'm married (not that anyone would imagine he'd consider it otherwise... ahem). Fairly easy, unless you're Mulan, then ahhh not so much.

Daddy Daughter Time, Prince Charming/David & Emma - Once Upon a Time

Cinderella (Ella) and Prince Kit (Prince Charming)

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Cinderella (Ella) and Prince Kit (Prince Charming) / Lily James and Richard Madden

Fandom Life I see you there Josh Dallas looking cute as prince charming.

Ironically, Sam and Frodo are absent from this image.

We all have our favorite Disney cartoons and many are now being turned into live action films!

Disney Characters In Real Life

Cinderella-The Movie Wedding outfit


Colin O'Donoghue and Josh Dallas Stretch on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Set>>> how does he lung so far in leather pants?

no matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes Cinderella inspirational quotes

Warning; a lot of these are not as child friendly as the Disney 'movie' versions...

Test Yourself: Do You Know How Your Favorite Disney Fairytales Actually Ends?

a lot of these are not as child friendly as the Disney 'movie' versions.

13445593_852628461548672_2731833985942052165_n.jpg (720×717)

This is so cute. Lana and Robbie's experience makes me laugh so hard and Jen and Colin's experience makes me so happy. I wanna go into Jen's trailer and have lunch with her too