Princess quiet book

Disney Princess Quiet Book on

Disney Princess Quiet Book with Pattern

quiet book/activity binder perfect to keep the kids from making your rip your hair out!

This book will allow your little daughter to travel to the fairy kingdom, to dream and fantasize! It will be a wonderful adventure together with the felt princess, which has its own wardrobe, fairy house, apple garden, hammock on the beach, boat in the lake, romantic bathroom and bedroom. Thats not all - in one of the books pages is hidden memory game that can be played with mummy or best friend!  The book is designed for children between 3 and 6 years. It contains little parts, not suitable…

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Disney Princess Quiet Book with Pattern

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UPDATE: Here is the link to the post that includes the templates. If you have any trouble accessing them, please let me know!

Disney Princess Inspired Quiet Book. My daughter would LOVE this. I especially love the frozen and beauty and the beast pages

Disney Princess Inspired Quiet Book