Princess twilight sparkle

Princess. Celestial is so beautiful!!! But I still like Luna more XD

Grown up princess twilight/Celestia. It's Twilights colors but Princess Celestia's cutie mark!

Mlp princess twilight sparkle

my little pony fan but this is awesome Twilight Sparkle by AquaGalaxy on deviantART

Princess Twilight Sparkle

Which My Little Pony Princess Are You?

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twilight sparkle, sunset shimmer, and starlight glimmer! I swear I'm gonna get these names mixed up!

Name: Princess Lunar Sparkle Age: 20 she's a princess and she's very kind she's a home that will love her for her not because she's princess please adopt her

The Other Princess by on @deviantART

So ,, whos gonna be next ? For those who are new to the series ; I try to make as many humanized ponies in olden days clothes (dresses and stuff) and I made all.