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I have never really cared what anyone thinks of me because I've always been focused on improving myself everyday, rather than worrying about petty things.

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Liars don't like it when you call BULLSHIT. So go ahead make up more lies etc. Not worth my time


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Get a life. I can only imagine you are still stalking me because you are bored and have no life, no job to go to, no house to take care of, and no one to talk to.

Forever. I want nothing to ever do with you again. You are out of me and my husbands life. There are no third chances. Bye hoe.

And stop copying my pins bitch. You're a weak ass ugly bitch who still has a hard on for her ex or maybe it is for me. You just can't seem to get enough of me Lol


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All those years you fucked with me and just kept poking at me, now it's coming back 10 fold huh?

Yeah, try telling that to people who can't let go!!! ~ princessdiana1209

Yeah, try telling that to people who can't let go! Lmao his ex tho