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A virtues based lifestyle and luxury home as well as a daily source of inspiration for gentlemen by.

The Enchanted Home | private yacht interiors

English yacht designers Dickie Bannenberg and Simon Rowell created stylish, contemporary interiors for Illusion, a client& Feadship yacht docked in St. Read more: www.

Private dinner on the yacht with my fiancee the night before the wedding. "Going to pull into my dock soon, hopefully I'll see Daisy." - Jay Gatsby

Ultimate Sailing In Style: 29 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts

This Luxury yacht fit for James Bond 007 himself. "Diamonds Are Forever," a collaboration between Staluppi, Benetti Yachts, and Evan K.

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The truth about free jet set trips sponsored by rich men who want pretty girls around them on yachts and villas in places like Ibiza, St Tropez, Monaco, Cannes