1) Describe the problem, 2) describe the results you want, 3) gather information, 4) think of solutions, 5) choose the best solution, 6) implement the solution, 7) evaluate results and make necessary changes. Reenter the design spiral at any step to revise as necessary.

Problem Solving - Lesson

A great graphic design model to explain technological problem solving and the steps involved to find a solution.

Flipping Blooms Taxonomy. Powerful learning practices.

For generations, we have bypassed the development of true problem solving skills in our curricula, avoiding the hard questions at the end of the chapter.

Good visual cues for kids to remind them of what they can do to solve a problem with another child

Coping Strategies - FREE Problem Solving Chart for Kids

Lots of great bar model examples and problems!!

Singapore math- bar models for word problems. Lots of examples here!

Step One: Change Your Lenses | Lives in the Balance The first four videos on this page are very informative and offers a new perspective. http://www.livesinthebalance.org/solving-problems-collaboratively

The Center for Collaborative Problem Solving- Dr. Ross Greene's models for solving challenging behavior problems