Infographic Layout: How to Portray History Using Timelines

Infographic showing a production timeline for a backpack. I like the use of the visual lead of the timeline but it uses uneven units.

6 Steps to Quicker Meetings that Result in Action #Infographic #Meetings

6 Steps to Quicker Meetings that Result in Action #Infographic

Great meetings focus on action and end when they are supposed to. These steps will allow your team to have quicker meetings that result in action.

Infographic Design - Infographics

Buy Infographic Design by Ahsan_Alvi on GraphicRiver. Simple and Professional vector infographics design. Ai and Eps files.

Flowchart: How Designers Work -

Flowchart: How Designers Work, infographic designed by Iryna Nezhynska, via DesignTAXI Crew.

Customer Relationships - How to Keep Client Projects on Track [Infographic] : MarketingProfs Article

How to Keep Client Projects on Track [Infographic]

Customer Relationships - Overwhelmed by all the client projects you have to manage? Having a solid process can help you keep track of them.

What a cool info design outlining the logo design process. The colored mind map is placed over a pale grey letting that color be bold. I like how at the center, clearly represented with an outer glow, is concept and sketching. Huh, must mean its the most important.

Hem Web Apps gives you the feature of designing the world class Logo for your…

Specs Appeal is a charity that provides people in developing countries with access to glasses

This is an infoposter for a nonprofit organization that provides glasses to people in developing countries. I liked the simplistic color scheme and the repetition of maps and glasses to effectively communicate the purpose communicated.