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Nikon demonstrates Motion Snapshot feature

Ten tips for better photos, starting off with the basics, but also covering a few ideas you may not have thought of before.

10 Professional Photography Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Photos Amazing!

10 Professional Photography Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Photos Amazing! - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food

Free macro photography cheat sheet - part 2

I pinned this infographic to my board because it talks about exposure and getting the right photo . It also has a really nice design. Despite it talking about newer cameras, it still has valuable information.

Very helpful lighting tips, great for product shots when you can't hire a professional photographer!

Posted for myself, May help others

Free Portrait Lighting Guide: 24 Essential Studio Lighting Set-Ups - portrait photography, lighting techniques, how to set up lighting, photography lighting

Shutter Speed Tutorial for Beginners & Cheat Sheet | Smashing Camera

Shutter Speed Tutorial Want to get better at photography, and actually start taking pictures that look more professional? It may seem like your camera is a complicated tool, but in this tutorial/gu…

Nervous shooting in public? These 21 essential street photography tips from pros who do it for a living will have you feeling confident in no time.

21 street photography tips from the professionals

Make the most of the city with your digital camera – 3 of the biggest names in street photography, David Solomons, Matt Stuart, and Nick Turpin offer their advice…

Top 10 Best Professional Photography Cameras 2017

Best Professional Photography Cameras: Before you create your first masterpiece you need to shoot a million images. You have to suck first, then get good.

Starting a photography business is a great way to work from home. Startup costs are fairly low, and you can become a professional photographer in 45 days or less!

How to Start a Photography Business in 45 Days or Less

You love taking picture, so why not make money for it? I'll show you how to start a photography business in 45 days, and make a living from.