Doctor Who-River Song

Doctor Who - Meeting in the Wrong Order. The timeline of the Doctor and River Song. It would be fun to rewatch the episodes in River's order. And possibly really, really sad.

"It goes don't when there's stuff"  PFFFAAAHAHAAA XDDDD

Doctor Who explains science <<< He looks like he trying to understand rocket science in that second one.<<<Why can't science books explain things this way? They need a section for "Science Explained by The Doctor"

Chris Stuckmann movie review. Quick, funny reviews of movies and games, new and old.

Chris Stuckmann examines Prometheus from beginning to end, offering his thoughts on what the film means and the many questions it asks. This is a great artic.

His name is the Doctor!!!

*raises hand* David Tennant is right, his name is "The Doctor", but it's not wrong to call him "Doctor Who". Doctors One through Nine are called "DOCTOR WHO" in the credits! In fact, other former Doctors refer to him as "Doctor Who".

Poems by the doctors - Doctor Who

Poems by the doctors - Doctor Who<<<Ten's killed me a bit inside.

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This photo has accomplished they impossible. To write a sentence that I found hilarious

Prometheus, approaching the atmosphere.

Prometheus Explained: Unraveling The Unanswered Questions

An Egyptain teenager has patented a next-generation propulsion system that could send spacecraft to other solar systems—without using a single drop of fuel Read more: Egyptian Teenager Creates Next Generation Quantum Space Propulsion System



Holloway helmet

Holloway helmet

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan - of course this is how it would work out.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. "Time of Angels"/"Flesh and Stone" Matt biting Karen's arm.

That awkward moment / Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey! How can 1 person be in 3 places at once? Oh and that's not Amy in the bottom picture!!!!! Ooooh weeee ooooohhhh!!!

Also, that awkward moment you find out your wife was conceived in your spaceship during her parents' honeymoon, which was your wedding gift to her parents, who are your best friends. Never apply logic to Who.