Happy To Be Us Today, as we both say I do I give of me what I ask of you. I promise to always do my bit To secure our loving partnership. As days are spent and years pass by I promise I will always try. I’ll never disregard your thoughts. I’ll always give you … Continue reading Happy To Be Us | Wedding Poem - beautiful modern  verses to add to & compliment your marriage ceremony. For more wedding poems, see http://www.msmoem.com

Happy To Be Us - A modern romantic wedding vows poem by English poet, Ms Moem.

I can't promise you sunshine and rainbows every day. I've been honest over my realistic perception. We will disagree, and bicker, and I'll often quiet your protests with kisses... however, at the end of the promises I can't make, are the ones I can; that, my sweetness, I can excel at. I promise you I'll always see you... I'll always value you... I'll always respect you. I'll adore you always.x

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Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: God knows us wax resist painting - you could use whatever phrase is appropriate for that lesson.

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: God knows us wax resist painting (Psalm Nothing about me is hidden from you God!

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Rainbows let my emotions know that its okay to be of wild array. "I Find Happiness in Rainbows"

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I still have anger to get over if I think about it. The hurt turned into the anger and most of the anger has subsided, but not all of it. Some day, I will get there. Some days, I am there....

When the words are harsh, regarding your children, husband and all plain lies.it takes a long long time.

you hurt yourself on the outside trying to kill the monsters on the inside

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