Properties of materials

Science: Properties of Materials Bundle

Science: Properties of Materials

Properties of Materials Your students will love this fantastic pack of Science activities, ideal for supporting teaching of Properties of Materials!

Materials and their properties | Foundation, Prep and Kindergarten Science Unit | Includes posters, printables and hands-on activity ideas for early learning | Australian Curriculum | Printables for the classroom | Chemistry strand | What are objects made from? | Properties of familiar objects

Exploring Materials and Their Properties

Explore different materials and their properties with this engaging unit. Activities and printables for the Foundation and Prep Year chemistry strand.

Great ideas for learning about materials and their properties. #KeyStage1 #Scienceforkids

Materials and their properties - Key Stage 1

Explore properties of materials and make a Superhero cape #Science #ScienceforKids

What's the best material for a Superhero cape?

Properties of Materials - Science Games & Activities for Kids

Properties of Materials - Science Games & Activities for Kids