Once I've got my kids back I'll never need to think of her

"Please stop destroying what is left of your heart by constantly thinking about the things that have broken you" -Nikita Gill

Sometimes, staying away from people is the only protection that you have for your heart. Heart quotes on PictureQuotes.com.

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She distanced herself to save herself.

She distanced herself to save herself. Toxic people, relationships, and situations will get you nowhere

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Looking for Life Quotes, Quotes about moving on, and Best Life Quotes here. but it's you up to you whether you want to build back yourself or stay destroyed

That's right! I will protect my heart like a fortress! Only my knight with shiny armor will break through, my strong confident man!

Just be patient, be true, & our hearts will openb up once again cuz those of that love fiercely with open arms, hearts, & souls are WORTH the wait!

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I am your mother, the lion, the Leo in your life and I will protect what's mine fiercely!

When he/she comes back this time be wise and protect your tender heart. For strength and support and resources to help you through this, come to " http://aevepomeroy.com.au/mindbodysoul "    Love xxx

Too bad I didn't read this a month ago. Might have opened my eyes!

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Your definition of "protecting me" is clearly just hiding me and I'm done pretending it will ever matter. stolen moments will never equal a lifetime

Love is a commitment to protecting another person’s heart with the same passion you use to guard your own

We didnt allow him around certain people for good reason.we were trying to protect him! You were simply being spiteful taking him around that dope fiend! Now do you see? Probably not smh you are the dumbest bitch alive!

Ignore People Who Threaten Your Joy

Ignore People Who Threaten Your Joy (Live Life Happy)

Guarding your peace is an action. It requires effort, but in Christ... all things are possible.

I'm a passionate romantic who loves all things sensual. This means that now and then, not everything.

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Surely this is the most painful part of all. Except the fake smiles