we dont lose friends. we just learn who our real ones are.

Inspirational Quotes: Moving to San Diego has really shown me who my truest friends are, & having to accept that the ones I thought to be closest to me are actually the ones who don’t care.

What you think, 
you become

What you think, you become

How to Study the Book of Proverbs ⋆ A Little R & R

How to Study the Book of Proverbs

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Sunday Scripture | Guilt-free friendship focuses on the friendship and ditches the guilt. Guilt-free friendship loves any chance and any slice of time to catch up, it isn’t about criticizing how much or how frequently that happens. Instead, guilt-free friendship is generous and forgiving and creates easy space for reconnecting because it doesn’t have any conditions for how or when or how often that happens. // Lisa-Jo Baker at incourage.me

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.” {Proverbs MSG} I Believe in Guilt-Free Friendship I want to be the kind of friend who gives the gift of guilt-free friendship. And the Lord has taught all of us that.

Paint chips-Oh I can see this done in red, white, and blues for the Patriotic holidays!

Paint chips- FALL in yellow orange red brown for door deco, WINTER in blue, SPRING in rainbow of colors.

Some Chinese Proverbs on Friendship

For example, "Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.