Hungarian Puli Sheep Dogs Used to be a dog walker in NYC in 70's. One of my dogs was a Puli named Jasper!

Hungarian Puli Sheep Dogs what a great family living together. nice colors too

Puli, Hungarian shepherd dog. Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

Puli, a hungarian type, there is no word to express how much i love dogs

All About the Hungarian Puli - The Mop Dog--this dog is a hoot! @TennantTARDIS

Facts About the Hungarian Puli: The Mop Dog

This dog is a puli. Puli's have a fur which looks like wool!

Wie weet wat dit is? Een vliegende mop? :) een Hongaarse hondenras : PULI

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So, did God create the mop before or after creating this dog? (Flying Puli by Tim Flach) looks like Zadok to me!

A Black Puli.  (Most people are not familiar with Puli's, but when they do see them they are often white).

our new gal, Hungarian Puli, named Polly… The Rastafarian dog :) We picked her up in Reno, Thursday and got away from us. I was teasing Al that he likes to chase black bitches around Reno!

Puli dog photo | -close-up-head-study-of-a-puli-dog-on-a-255-white-background--the-dog ...

Puli dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun.

Mark Zuckerberg magyar puli kutyája Hungarian Puli dog Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg This photo was taken last year by Noah Kalina. He's a Puli.

These 19 Unusual Dog Breeds And Markings Will Make You Fall In Love 12 Puli dog needs a haircut

The Puli is a small to medium Hungarian herding dog that looks like an old-timey floor mop. Learn all about Puli breeders, adoption, health, grooming, training and more.