11 awesome cat pumpkin carving ideas! - CatLove.co **Could not find link to this particular pumpkim. This is the one I want**

My Halloween pumpkin, The Cheshire Cat! I wanted something related to the OUAT universe that wasn’t too hard (don’t have a carving kit)… so I chose this. Iconic and related to OUATIW.

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11 Ideas for Pretty Pumpkins

Instructables user Luis Linares shared this magical-looking Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Pumpkin Carving tutorial, which involves the use of a hot knife, artificial saw, and hand drill.

24 Last-Minute, Magical Harry Potter Pumpkin Ideas

24 Last-Minute, Magical Harry Potter Pumpkin Ideas

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Halloween Decorations-- 5 pumpkin carving tips that will help you create an amazing pumpkin for Halloween!


52 Unexpected and Amazing Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

Carve mini vampire pumpkins for Halloween. Cut a hole in a mini pumpkin, insert some store-bought vampire teeth. Yes, it's that easy!