How do you feel about this color scheme for your new home? Paint can bring different moods and emotions to your rooms. These colors simulate the long summer nights, beach houses and washed out pastel hues | Decorating Your Home

Really smooth room color palette dark purple in bathroom. grey in guest room. blue in office. lavender in guest room. tan in hallway.

when in doubt what to pair with lilac/purple color, think of barney the dino. he's purple and green for a reason. :)

Granny smith apple and cabbage smoothie red cabbage 1 Granny 15 cl of apple juice organic 10 cl of cream fluid whole tsp salt (celery normally) 1 pinch of Espelette pepper For the decoration: Radish sprouts Granny apple slices

We love this colour combination this is Fired Earth paint in Tyrian Rose

Olive green velvet sofa, vintage green glass vase, pink walls love this colour combo

Penstamon, Nepeta and roses

Garden design portfolio: Nicholsons Garden Design, Oxfordshire Looks like catmint, penstemon 'midnight', ladys mantle, and a dark pink rose.

Color Palette #3273

Color Palette #3273 (Color Palette Ideas)

Resource that helps you in color selection, specially created with this aim; it is the generator of inspiration

SILVER AND PURPLE;  Artemesia and Allium.

Allium spaerocephalum (Drumstick Allium) and Silver Wormwood (Artemisia ludoviciana). Its plum colored blossoms combine beautifully with many colors in the garden and are spectacular paired with silver foliage.

Spanish Lavender is a good choice for not only its bloom color but because it also blooms for a longer time than most lavenders

Anise Hyssop Black Adder, red & yellow barberry: Spanish Lavender blooms for a longer time than most lavenders do and it has lovely silvery foliage that will play well with these other shrubs when the flowers are finished.

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Palette of cold floral shades of blue and purple, translucent and saturated: hydrangea, lilac, fuchsia to suggest aromatherapy with natural essential oils.

I have always used blue salvia and pink cosmos in all my gardens the look...

Summer border with Salvia farinacea 'Victoria' in purple) & Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sonata Pink'.

Wine Table with Feather Print Lacquer Top, £2,577 (Duresta for Matthew Williamson, available exclusively at Harrods)

Matthew Williamson on His New Furniture Collection

Wine Table with Feather Print Lacquer Top, (Duresta for Matthew Williamson, available exclusively at Harrods)

Floral Hues, Crysanthemum palette from Design Seeds | Image by Georgie St Clair

New Portfolio Illustration: Crysanthemum Eyes

another *breathtaking* photo by for today's { flora hues } . thank you Georgie for once again spoiling me and allowing the privilege to create a palette for one of your incredible photos