white/grey wall works behind plum sofa. grey cushions help it fit together

Living Room, Scandinavian Style City Living With Purple Sofa: Comfort Living Area With Scandinavian Interior Design

Crown Paint cover story and hare this is what we have finally chosen for the Living Room

Harmonising colours can create a feminine yet striking combination and by incorporating different textures and fabrics you can really bring a room to life.

when in doubt what to pair with lilac/purple color, think of barney the dino. he's purple and green for a reason. :)

Granny smith apple and cabbage smoothie red cabbage 1 Granny 15 cl of apple juice organic 10 cl of cream fluid whole tsp salt (celery normally) 1 pinch of Espelette pepper For the decoration: Radish sprouts Granny apple slices

What You Should Know Before You Flip Furniture

What You Should Know Before You Flip Furniture

Almas Shamsee, founder and creative director at Maisha Design, teamed luxurious materials and a beautiful contemporary colour palette for the interiors of a family apartment in West London. Ready for a tour? We’ve fallen for this season’s trend for schemes featuring a palette of blues, and you’ve chosen some fabulous blue shades in this living...

House Tours: Be inspired by the new season colours and appealing textures in this stunning London apartment

Hello!: Frinspiration: Something

Wedding Colour Palette - Peacock colors are vibrant and calming all at once. Like the bird itself, this combination of hues is a show-stopper!

purples Color palettes ~ Maybe for living room at the new house                                                                                                                                                     More

Colour Your World: Design Seeds

the green in the middle is my choice foe house color with the purple as trim. beautiful color, earthy glamour - four leaf hues: design seeds

#HarveysChristmas Very pretty color scheme, just in love with the purple!

Really smooth room color palette dark purple in bathroom. grey in guest room. blue in office. lavender in guest room. tan in hallway.

luminous skys bathroom...IzzyArts paints a glow in the dark sky light

Glows in the dark. looks normal in the day. Perfect for not distracting from the look you like during the day while turning the night into something else.IzzyArts paints a glow in the dark sky light - Decoration for House

So many pretty shades of purple                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Purple Paint Colors

Paint by Benjamin Moore in orchid tones. post: How To Decorate With Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color of Girls Room