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The best of Obama vs Putin memes. Netizens cheer for Putin after attacking ISIS targets.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has written a New York Times op-ed “to speak directly to the American people,” warning that a U. military strike on Syria would “unleash a new wave of terrorism.”Read the letter in its entirety now.

Putin vs Obama

Putin n Patterns of Power: It is clear that Washington hopes that the demonization of Vladimir Putin for which much of the Western media has been complicit, will discredit his message.

Not trying to be political but...he does look like the stereotypical Bond villain

And then there’s Putin

Putin don't even care. so much movie villain stuff to do, so little time.

Guess what is the new secret service code for President?

Joe Biden Memes Strikes Back: New Secret Service Code.

Joe Biden memes strikes back. New secret service code. If there's an incident close to President, the code "Donald Duck".

Syrians killed syrians

The US Wednesday said there is a lot of work to be done in Sri Lanka after a new government came to power last month.

funny putin obama memes - Google Search

an oldie but goodie

funny putin obama memes - Google Search

US diplomacy at its best. Nobody does it better than GW Bush by bringing foreign leaders like Putin out to his ranch. Meanwhile we've got Obama smacking gum with the Chinese president

Bless you Bono for being so honest. There is only one God, and his Son is Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! by Oof http://dailym.ai/1hD2T4T #DailyMail

U2's Bono prays with his family on a giant bed

Deutsche Bank to slash senior staff bonuses by 90 pct - Spiegel BERLIN, Jan 17 (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank will slash bonuses for senior employees including investment banker in London and New York by.

Putin vs. Obama: Pictorial Comparisons

Given that presidential hopefuls are already gearing up for the 2016 election, we'd like to remind you to vote for Vladimir Putin in the Democratic .

Putin the Christian vs. Obama the Antichrist « The Burning Platform

pravdaoputine - Putin never meant to kill Only to maim or seriously injure