IMG_9408 Inspired by the Martha Stewart wreath...this was a fun project to make.

German putz cardboard Christmas house wreath - Inspired by the Martha Stewart wreath.this was a fun project to make.

DIY Mid Century Modern putz-style Christmas Houses - 3 free downloadable patterns on Retro Renovation

DIY Putz house #3 - midcentury modest ranch house - download the pattern

DIY Tutorial - Glitter house!!  #putz #village #Christmas  We had a village of these when I was a little girl.

Do-it-yourself glittered Christmas houses. I painted the chimney and door aqua, added glass glitter trim, and then used vintage miniature ornaments to adorn the trees and finished it off with a handmade bird.

Tutorial for making 1/12th icicles for homemade Putz Christmas houses.

Tutorial for making icicles and snow effects. The poster is making a miniature cabin, but this would be good for homemade Putz Christmas houses too.