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In the Middle East puzzle rings were worn by wives to show faithfulness to their husbands. It's made up of many rings that when worn correctly, form a band ring. The complexity of this design meant that they were rarely taken off.

Damson Coastline rings-- interlocking rings created from a stretch of coastline of your own choosing.

Men's Coastline Map Ring

Coast Rings by Damson Jewellery. The coast ring is composed of matt and polished interlocking halves. The join of the ring is created from a stretch of coastline you choose yourself, making your ring unique!

14k yellow white rose gold tricolored 4 band puzzle ring.

yellow white two-colored gold 4 band puzzle ring « Gold Puzzle Rings

Our take on an ancient concept: the puzzle ring. 14K gold-filled. Rose Gold (left), Yellow Gold (right). $85.

The earliest puzzle rings were found on the Silk Road, and were thought to have been popular in China as early as the year 0 AD. There's an unlikely-sounding myth about a medieval Turkish merchant who

Life is like a puzzle ...any person of your life have a pieces of your puzzle . We must find that pieces in that person.

I've always dreamed about a ring like this! I didn't know it existed already! Puzzle ring-Stainless steel and

RED SOLID  Unique Puzzle Rings by by PuzzleRingMaker on Etsy

RED SOLID Unique Puzzle Rings by by PuzzleRingMaker on Etsy