DIY shoe organizer out of PVC pipe. Not only does it look interesting, almost sculptural in a room, it also gets the job done!

How to Build a Low-Cost Shoe Rack Using PVC Pipes

DIY: PVC Pipe Shoe Storage - so fun and so simple, could easily spray paint or cover in fabric or paper too. maybe a horizontal layout of two rows or something. I think this would be good for garage "yard shoes" storage

This PVC shoe rack from Cookie Loves Milk is downright genius: Find pipes that are just the right size for your shoe collection (she recommends about a 6" diameter), cut them down to shoe-length, and stack together using pipe glue. Ta-da! It's an endlessly customizable shoe rack—and you can always add to it as your collection grows.

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Closet / Clothes / Shoe Organization: shoe rack made from inexpensive PVC pipe from "cookie loves milk".

Interesting ways to store your shoes in your HDB flat | Home & Decor Singapore

*I love the mirror behind the storage. Just need to make sure the pipe is big enough for boots.DIY PVC shoe storage for me! What a great idea! Wonder if it would work in our entry way. Too many shoes floating around!

Sweet idea for shoes, after looking at Hannah's side of the closet might have to invest :) Now if she will use it? hmm

Make a DIY PVC Shoe Rack

PVC shoe rack: buy or diameter PVC pipe and cut it into lengths of feet. Once you've decided how many PVC "cells" to have in your rack you can start gluing the first and second rows together with Gorilla Glue or any other glue that works with PVC.

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DIY: Stunning Fashion Ideas PVC shoe rack This would be good for those weird shaped closets that you dont have room for shoes on the floor

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Keeping all those shoes out of the way is a pain. See this simple mod that uses PVC pipe to create a custom RV shoe rack for your RV.

$25 RV Shoe Rack from PVC: Keep Things Tidy Around the Entrance

Keeping all those shoes out of the way is a pain. See this simple mod that uses PVC pipe to create a custom RV shoe rack for your RV.

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22 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Large cardboard tubing cut to size and hot glued together for shoe holders. Paint and decorate as desired.

PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer How To

PVC pipe is one of those ordinary construction materials that is very versatile. It is cheap to buy, readily available and easy to work with. You can cut it, paint it, drill it and glue it easily. Therefore, it is the perfect material for many DIY projects. With creativity and …

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Check out the tutorial: #DIY PVC Pipe Shoe Rack #crafts #homedecor

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DIY pvc shoe rack > small space storage solution.

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A PVC Pipe Organizer comes in handy when you don't have a lot of closet space to work with. For a decorative touch, paint the ends of each pipe and cover the rest in patterned wallpaper.

could this be used outside somehow?

This would be fantastic in an under storage area-perfect for wet boots! I made a shoe rack from ½" CPVC pipe fittings. I used CPVC simply because the color went a little better with the RV as opposed to the stark white of PVC.