Pyrography stroke guide. Be sure to click on the photo for a link to the author and a 4 page tutorial on woodburning!

Other half of pyrography stroke guide. Also a very good link to a lady with years & loads of experience ;

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If you havent already you should check out BenchTips on Facebook. They post a variety of wonderful tips and tricks for #OnTheBench work that will make your life as a #maker that much better.  Recently they shared an innovative method for making a texturing hammer. If you have a small inexpensive or out-of-commission ball peen or cross peen hammer lying around you can easier transform it into a great texturing tool by grinding a pattern of narrow lines into its face. The tool they recommend…

Now this is a way to create a texture face on a pair of small hammers. I thought I might try this out to see if I might be able to make some new Pyrography tips using brass or mild steel rod ;

HOW I DID IT "Simply a woman's eye" Pyrography tutorial - YouTube

HOW I DID IT "Simply a woman's eye" Pyrography tutorial - YouTube

Pyrography: Tips for Beginners


How to Woodburn (with Pictures) - wikiHow Pyrography: Tips for Beginners Want great ideas concerning arts and crafts? Go to our great website!