I think even my non-crafty boys would enjoy this craft - no drawing or coloring, and it's a great looking skeleton!

10 great skeleton activities for kids and families! Skeleton crafts, activities, games, and snacks, just in time for the Halloween season!

Shrek’s Dirty Q-Tips for a Halloween Party #SundaySupper

What’s inside Shrek’s ears? Disgusting troll ear wax that will delight and gross out Halloween party guests! Shrek& Dirty Q-Tips make delicious snacks!

These are Incredible , easy to make and trendy Anthropologie Inspired  I am so excited to get this one done , in any color that you can imagine - very very inexpesive but the look is show stopping

Anthropologie Inspired Q-Tip Flowers

DIY Anthropologie-inspired flowers from styrofoam balls and q-tips dipped in paint. So simple.

Fall Tree Q-Tip Painting Activity - Painting with Dots for Kids, translate instruction page from Italian

Fall trees Q-tip painting. Cute and simple craft for the kids.heck, I'd like to try this myself! :) Creative Kids,DIY & Crafts for kids,Fabulous little Artists: Art ideas and lessons for Ideas,K

Soooo disgusting & HILARIOUS!  marshmallow 'swabs'+ pb on a toothpick. Halloween fun.

Halloween 2011 – No Tricks Just Treats

Ear Wax Q-tips Gross but you know the kids (mainly little boys) will love them.Start by sticking mini marshmallows on lollipop sticks and dipping them in earwax…er, butterscotch.

Q-tips ear bud case

Tame Those Small Card Games!

IHeart Organizing: Organized Music To My Ears Travel Q-tip container turned ear bud case

Q-tip skeleton craft for Kindergarten Halloween party

Halloween Kid Crafts

Halloween craft Close Close Close Q tip cotton swab skeleton man. Awesome kindergarten, first grade, young kid, craft

Easter Place Card Holder, lamb craft.... cotton swabs cut then clued to a oval of cardboard (clean white since back is left blank on this one, card stock works) start at back of lamb and glue forward (glue gun or elmers for little ones) oval for face with three swab ends for hair and two for ears, draw on cute face, glue clothespins to back for legs,  use  to hold name cards.

Cotton Swab sheep - card stock paper punches, cotton swabs glued on top, clothespin feet so you can use as a place setting or to hold up pictures.

Sweetest kisses

Friendship, As Told By Babies And Their Dogs

Q-tip cased for storing items - this will be great for hair rubber bands to keep in the car (always forget for 'nastics)

pinner say:Q-tip cased for storing items - this will be great for hair rubber bands to keep in the car (always forget for 'nastics)

The Coolest 16 DIY Projects You Need to Try in Your Free Time

The Coolest 16 DIY Projects You Need to Try in Your Free Time

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How To Clean Your Ears: The Doctor-Approved Way to Remove Earwax | Greatist

Put Down the Q-Tips: You've Been Cleaning Your Ears All Wrong

As much as we love that so fresh, so clean feeling, if you have any willpower, wean yourself off cotton swabs. They do much more harm than good, and excessive ear cleaning will almost certainly land you in the doctor's office