"I think it was the ugliest haircut I've ever seen," Jennifer Aniston said of the infamous Rachel cut

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HAHA well i've now been told by multiple people that I am like Rachel Green. Makes sense. I'm so not as anal and competitive as monica. Jean vest. Perfect.

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Fall Beauty Trends To Try Now - the Rachel haircut, like Hailey Baldwin (seriously, it's back!)

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Hailey went a bit retro with her lob, giving us serious Friends nostalgia with a Rachel Green-esque layered look. To complete her vibes, stylist David Lopez blow dried her hair out smooth, brushing the ends under to really show off her layers.

Rachel Green's Hairstyle

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the rachel haircut long - Google Search

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the rachel haircut I kinda miss this hair cut. Wouldn't have worked with my curly hair though.

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