What is a radiation therapist? Learn how to become a radiation therapist in this overview of careers in radiation therapy.

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Before you get started on your path to a new career in healthcare, consider these factors and ask yourself which medical career is right for you,

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Radiation Therapy

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Oh to be a Radiation Therapist... and not be called "nurse."  Nothing against nurses.

Oh to be a Radiation Therapist. and not be called "nurse." Nothing against nurses.

Radiation Therapist Lapel Pin

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I am battling cancer from the other side. I am not a patient. I am a radiation therapist. My career is dedicated to treating cancer. Some may say that I don’t understand what people with cancer are going through.  That is true. I have never had cancer. I have never been on the cold table alone in...

MizJill getting fitted for the radiation mask to have treatments for the next few weeks. Click her picture to join this conversation.

Radiologic Technology graduation cap! Could work for respiratory therapist too!

Could work for respiratory therapist too!

The 13 Most Meaningful Jobs: 6. Radiation therapists :))

The 13 most meaningful jobs in America

The 13 Most Meaningful Jobs: Radiation therapists :))

Radiation Therapy for cancer

Since a longer term side effect can include heart damage, and other tissue damage including new cancers, be sure to ask your doctor about continuing monitoring. Damage caught early may be treatable.