23 Cute Cloud Tattoo Designs and Ideas

23 Cute Cloud Tattoo Designs and Ideas

I kind of like the swirls in the clouds for my right half sleeve

40 Original Line Tattoo Designs

What a day!.. but I feel renewed somehow.. babe you tell me right what I need to hear and not what I WANT to hear, you'll always be my rainy cloud when I need to see the true color of things... and my sun and stars to find my way.. I love you so much.. can't wait to get something like this :) @emmanuelcod

40 Awesome Cloud Tattoo Designs

cloud tattoo for women Cloud – layers of watery vapour tattoo inked on the body, you may wonder what’s the symbolic meaning behind cloud tattoos? Why does it appear in many of tattoo designs?

Cute grey, black, and yellow raincloud and tea cup tattoo

Tattoo from Brazil tagged with Leg Cloud Cup Tattoo realized by Silence of Art Tattoo Studio.