RAIN DROPS ON WINDOW; this would make a great background on a phone or computer! Which ever looks better

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HE sends rain to remind me that HE heard my prayer for rest and relief of pain in this body that so wants to live

HE sends rain to remind me that HE heard my prayer for rest and relief of pain…

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Fears that it's an unnatural and unsafe means to meet people continue to be prevalent. It does not have to be difficult for these common fears and more to function as weapons to shield yourself against rejection.

Rain on the window.

Music for those days you feel like looking out that rainy window and pretend you're in a movie.

Always tought there's something warm and cozy about rain drops on windows

Oh, I LOVE how the photographer captured these colors! Almost looks like an oil painting from far away. Rain on the window pane, looking out of the hospital or a car. It doesnt matter the rain was one thing that calmed all the patients.

Rain drops On A Window Tutorial by Kianite -                                         How to Art

This is a quick and dirty tutorial setup on making rain drops on glass. It was a fun little experiment last night and thought I should share. Rain drops On A Window Tutorial

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Raindrops on the window. Travelling in the rain. Being warm and cosy listening to rain fall.