rainy nights                                                       …

Rain is beautiful, magical, relaxing. Rain is such poetry - caress your soul, purifies the air and brighten the nature. Animated rain gifs from around the web.

It sounds like a beautiful way to drift off to sleep, but I grew up in Baltimore. Only fools leave their windows open in Baltimore...LOL

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I love to leave my windows and doors wide open at night, with my curtains dancing over the bed and a warm breeze singing me to sleep ☺

How to Cope With Post Holiday Syndrome. (pinning for picture, haven't read article)

Cope With Post Holiday Syndrome

pouring rain at night.Rainy night on Church St. This was a lucky shot when I exited Pizza House (in Ann Arbor) on a rainy evening. This was photoshopped to bring out the colors in the reflections.

Here comes the rain again... always full of memories

Here comes the rain again.*** Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again ***