Monotropa uniflora. PNW native, zones 4-8.  Shade 'ice plant'

Monotropa brittonii 'Indian Pipe', Ice Plant - full to part shade, zones is a type of fungi, grows under beech trees very well since it doesn't need sunlight.

Rare Flowers That Look Nothing Like Flowers. #6 Is Slightly Terrifying. | My99Post | Funniest Fail Pics | Motivational Posters.

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My favorite flower is the Orchid. Look at this beautiful Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major) from Australia. The Flying Duck Orchid attracts male sawflies for[.

A Rare Ghost Flower ( Indian Pipe) - Saw these in  local garden so unsual looking and cool!

Mushroom- A Rare Ghost Flower ( Indian Pipe) - Saw these in local garden so unsual looking and cool!

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Flower that looks like a starfish

A macro photograph of a small Stapelia flavopurpurea flower (a Stapeliad succulent from Namibia) in the last rays of sun

Psychteria Elata , also known as Hookers Lips is a South American rare flower with very special look.Hookers Lips – Flower that wants to kiss you!

"Hooker's Lips" lol Psychotria elata It's a flower, its scientific name is "Psychotria elata". Affectionately known as Hooker’s lips, Psychotria elata with its colorful red flowers attracts many pollinators including butterflies and hummingbirds.

Parrot Flower - An exotic type of Impatient probably from New Guinea

Parrot Flower - The species grows in the wild in a small region of north Thailand (near Chiang Mai), Burma, and in the north-east Indian state of Manipur. Looks like a parrot in flight!