The 80-10-10 Diet~doing this for the new year. Almost what I was eating this past year, just adding in more fruits & taking out all processed foods completely. :)

The Diet- just adding in more fruits & taking out all processed foods completely.

What is Vegan? Being a vegan is more than a lifestyle choice and dietary preferences. - See more at: ___________

What Is Vegan?

Almost Raw Vegan Food Pyramid - learn all about the food groups included in a raw vegan diet and almost raw vegan diet. Plant-based has never been so good!

5 Day Raw Food Reset

5 Day Raw Food Reset (with Shopping List)

Reset your body with 5 days of raw meals and snacks, all filling and satisfying to get you through the day! The included shopping list makes it even easier.

FREE 3-day raw food meal plan with delicious recipes, shopping list + lots of tips. Aaaand you get to join to our wonderful community. Download now! :)

If you have been checking into weight loss programs recently, you might have heard about the 3 week diet plan, which states you can lose up to 23 pounds during that short period of time. Now, you are likely wondering if this is the right plan for your.

Raw fruit dip. It uses soaked nuts as the base to replace like a yogurt or other less healthy sweet creamy dip for your fruit. It'll make it a more hearty snack, too

Raw fruit dip

You've found Laura-Jane the Rawtarian's simple, satisfying raw food recipes. The raw recipes in my collection are easy and quick to prepare, but are also packed with satiating flavour!

Raw Food Detox -- realistic healthy recipes for busy moms who dont have time for a juicing-only, family-unfriendly diet.

Ulrika Davidsson's book Raw Food Detox is a beautifully-illustrated collection of raw recipes, many of them vegan or easily turned vegan, that can be made with minimal time and effort. Davidsson is a nutritionist and busy mom of two who knows firsthand th

Booktopia has Raw Food Detox, Over 100 Recipes for Better Health, Weight Loss, and Increased Vitality by Ulrika Davidsson. Buy a discounted Paperback of Raw Food Detox online from Australia's leading online bookstore.

Raw food recipes for beginners | The Rawtarian

Raw food recipes for beginners

This post provides tips along with simple recipes that make it easy for any beginner to try. The lengthy list of recipes includes Raw Brownies, Raw Chocolate Pudding, and Raw Lemon Bars.

Raw Tea Sandwiches Recipe on Yummly. @yummly #recipe

Vegan high tea Raw, vegan and gluten free! Tea sandwiches made with cucumber, beets and a delicious pine-nut filling!

Wouldn't it be great to start the New Year detoxing your body and starting fresh? 21-Days Raw Food Detox Resolution Challenge allows you to do it gently and easy to follow!

21-Days Raw Food Detox Resolution

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What Is The 2 Week Diet?The 2 Week Diet is the diet program for safe, rapid weight loss. Based on a decade of scientific research, it promises pounds of body fat in just 14 days.

The Raw Food Diet For Beginners- What Food Can I Eat? Cleansing Foods, Transitional Foods, Avoid These Foods.

how to start choosing the best food to eat on a raw food diet. your diet should be one you love and our mission is to make this as easy, fun and healthy as possible.